Ultra Pro Graded Card Box

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Store and archive your valuable graded cards with this clear, easy-to-use storage box made with archival-safe polypropylene material.

Clear, see-through walls allow you to quickly check the contents to ensure you are pulling the right collection of graded cards, while a write-on strip on top allows you to label and easily identify the right set.

This Graded Card Box is sized to hold 10 PSA or Beckett graded cards.

Also holds Ultra PRO Toploaders up to 3" x 5", ONE-TOUCH Magnetic Displays, & Single-Screw Screwdowns.

Holds 10 graded cards (PSA or Becket)

Also holds Ultra PRO Toploaders up tp 3"5", ONE-TOUCH Magnetic Displays, & Single-Screw Screwdowns

Write-on strip for easy archiving

Header with self-locking lid

Archival safe

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