Dragon Ball SCG Special Anniversary Box

Artikelnummer: DBSB2487
Beschikbaarheid: Bestelbaar
Levertijd: Pre-Order - Releasedatum: 15-6-2019

This special box commemorates the 2nd anniversary of the Dragon Ball Super Card Game! Designed to help new players kickstart their collection and experienced players supercharge their existing decks! All the cards you want will be in this set! The Special Anniversary Set includes: - two copies of 35 new Battle and Extra cards to power up older decks (Beeus, Vados, Broly, Goku Black, Zamasu, red Vegito, Cooler, Android 13, Meta-Rilldo, Son Goku (Ultra instinct-sign-), Mira and more), for 70 total cards. - two Special Anniversary Booster Packs include a random assortment of 5 cards selected from the 35 new cards and 1 new Leader (Towa) card, that include silver foiling and a special foiling treatment. - four Vault Power Up Packs will feature alternative art reprints of popular cards (Senzu Bean, Flying Nimbus, Scientist Fu and more) as well as special gold and silver foil versions of some cards. Each Vault Power Up Pack will include 4 random cards (3 standard and 1 foil). - A pack of 60 card sleeves (featuring one of four random designs) - A storage box (one of four designs).

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