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  1. Dominaria Booster Box MTG

    Dominaria Booster Box MTG

    Magic: The Gathering keert na 25 jaar terug naar zijn eerste plane: Dominaria! Een boosterpack bevat 15 kaarten. Een boosterbox bevat 36 boosters.

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    € 89,99
  2. Elves vs Inventors Duel Decks MTG

    Elves vs Inventors Duel Decks MTG

    Gather a massive clan of elves bent on demolishing all mechanical threats, or assemble a squad of inventors dedicated to unleashing the potential of destructive gadgets. Grab a friend and battle with these ready-to-play decks!

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    Actieprijs € 16,99

    Normale prijs: € 19,99

  3. Extreme Force Special Edition Yu-Gi-Oh!

    Extreme Force Special Edition Yu-Gi-Oh!

    Extreme Force is a Booster Pack in the Yu-Gi-Oh! Official Card Game (OCG) and Yu-Gi-Oh! Trading Card Game (TCG). It is the third set in the OCG's 10th series, following Circuit Break and followed by Flames of Destruction.

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    € 9,99
  4. Flames of Destruction Booster Box Yu-Gi-Oh!

    Flames of Destruction Booster Box Yu-Gi-Oh!

    Flames of Destruction is a Booster Box in the Yu-Gi-Oh! Official Card Game(OCG). It is the fourth set in the OCG's 10th series, following Extreme Forceand followed by Cybernetic Horizon.

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    € 69,99
  5. Lair of Darkness Structure Deck Yu-Gi-Oh!

    Lair of Darkness Structure Deck Yu-Gi-Oh!

    Structure Deck: Lair of Darkness is a Structure Deck in the Yu-Gi-Oh! Trading Card Game (TCG). It is the 41st Deck in the TCG's Structure Deck series, following the Wave of Light Structure Deck. This deck is the TCG equivalent of Structure Deck R: Curse of the Dark in the OCG.


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    € 9,99
  6. Legendary Duelists: Ancient Millennium Booster Box Yu-Gi-Oh!

    Legendary Duelists: Ancient Millennium Booster Box Yu-Gi-Oh!

    Legendary Duelists was full of brand-new cards for heroic figures from Yu-Gi-Oh! This winter, take a walk on the dark side with Legendary Duelists 2, featuring brand-new cards inspired by some of the most villainous Duelists to grace your TV screens!

    The enigmatic creator of Duel Monsters, Maximillion Pegasus, lured Yugi to Duelist Kingdom in a bid to defeat him and complete a corporate takeover! In their climactic Duel, Pegasus dropped his cartoonish façade and unleashed the true power of his Deck: the monster devouring Thousand-Eyes Restrict! Legendary Duelists 2 offers upgrades to some of Pegasus’ most terrifying monsters like Thousand-Eyes Restrict and Illusionist Faceless Mage.

    There’s no low the morally bankrupt Weevil Underwood wouldn’t stoop to if it would give him an edge over the competition! Whether he’s throwing Yugi’s Exodia cards into the ocean or sneaking copies of Parasite Paracide into Joey’s Deck, Duelists love to hate the master of insects. Now his strategies have evolved once again in Legendary Duelists 2, featuring a new parasite card, a mutated version of the Insect Queen, and a heavily armored and upgraded Cocoon of Evolution!

    Bandit Keith believed in creating his own luck, largely by lying, cheating, and stealing his way to the top of the Duelist Kingdom rankings. His powerful Barrel Dragon nearly knocked Joey out of the tournament, and in Legendary Duelists 2, there’s a new model that can eliminate up to 3 cards per turn if luck is on your side! You can also make a little luck of your own with a card that can change all your coin toss results to “heads” when you use an effect that requires 2 or more coin tosses.

    Legendary Duelists 2 also gives love to the rivals and villains of Yu-Gi-Oh! GX, featuring new cards for Professor Crowler’s Ancient Gear Deck and Jesse Anderson’s Crystal Beasts, as well as new cards to help unify Chazz Princeton’s many strategies!

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    € 59,99
  7. Sun & Moon Forbidden Light Booster Box Pokémon

    Sun & Moon Forbidden Light Booster Box Pokémon

    Necrozma's Power kent geen grenzen!
    Necrozma neemt de Pokémon-wereld overrompelt en heeft een legendarische Pokémon opgenomen en overgenomen
    een nieuw formulier als Ultra Necrozma-GX! Andere Pokémon komen samen om dit nieuwe licht toe te juichen ... of zich te verzetten
    het. Lucario-GX, Greninja-GX, Zygarde-GX, Yveltal-GX, Naganadel-GX, zelfs Volcanion en de
    majestueuze Arceus moet een kant kiezen. Ontdek geweldige Pokémon en mysterieuze schatten in de
    Pokémon TCG: uitbreiding met zon en maan verboden licht!
    • Meer dan 130 kaarten
    • 5 Prism Star-kaarten met een nieuwe spelmonteur
    • 8 Pokémon-GX en 6 Ultra Beasts
    • 15 Trainer-kaarten en 2 speciale energiekaarten

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    € 124,99
  8. Wave of Light Structure Deck Yu-Gi-Oh!

    Wave of Light Structure Deck Yu-Gi-Oh!

    Feel the surge of radiance with Structure Deck: Wave of Light! 
    Fairies are back in a big way this New Year, harnessing a bounty of wisdom to counter anything their foe throws at them. 
    You get to make the final call on what resolves with Structure Deck: Wave of Light! 
    This 41-card themed Deck takes the popular Counter Trap Fairy strategy to new heights. 
    Whether it’s a Monster, Spell, or Trap, you get to choose its fate with powerful negation effects that decide the Duel. 
    This Deck is all about careful planning and decision making – corner your opponent and negate their last chance at survival to pave your way to victory! 
    Airknight Parshath is back and more powerful than ever. A massive 2800 ATK makes this new form the strongest Parshath yet, and its synergy with Counter Traps allows it to either descend from the sky or resurrect itself if it has fallen. 
    A new Field Spell fills the role of The Sanctuary in the Sky while also providing your Fairies with added protection. 
    There is also a Counter Trap that not only negates any effect, but Summons any Parshath from your Main or Extra Deck! 
    All of these cards and other brand-new Fairies play off of the Counter Trap Fairy synergy, making Structure Deck: Wave of Light a streamlined strategy right out of the box! 
    Even an unidentified extraterrestrial biological entity has lost its way and crashed landed into this Structure Deck. 
    With all of the extravehicular activity and Fairies coming down from the sky, you can see why Structure Deck: Wave of Light is out of this world!

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    Actieprijs € 7,99

    Normale prijs: € 9,99

  9. Yugi and Kaiba Collectors Box Yu-Gi-Oh!

    Yugi and Kaiba Collectors Box Yu-Gi-Oh!

    Deze Yu-Gi-Oh! TCG collectors box van Yugi & Kaiba bevat twee starter decks (Yugi & Kaiba), 3 duelist pack Yugi boosters, 3 duelist pack Kaiba boosters en 2 ultra rare kaarten (Dark Magician en Blue Eyes White Dragon). Een must-have voor zowel spelers als verzamelaars.

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    € 29,99

9 Artikel(en)

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